Catharsis provides various services that can be tailored to the needs and requirements of the clients. We have many modules where participants experience and are encouraged to unleash their creativity for different purposes. It could be therapeutic, fun, planning skill, Communication skill, team building, mind mapping and many more possibilities.

Catharsis was created with a thought of using Art as tool to introspect oneself and to recognize and acknowledge the varied emotions. It’s a cliché that Art can be done only by an artist. Catharsis provides different programs where Art can be explored by anyone and everyone.

All our programs are designed and beautifully amalgamated with Art and Healing as tools to revive the joy in life. Along with Art, Catharsis also provides access to other modalities as tools to practice, de–stress and continue the joy of having fun in life.

Art for All and All for Art.
All the modules in Catharsis is designed in a way that the client does not require any art skill to explore and experience these workshops. The only criteria to choose these workshops is the willingness to invite joy.


Ranjini Vikram believes art is a magic wand to create life. All forms and materials of art is a way for individuals to connect and experience the conscious and sub conscious mind in new meaningful ways. Ranjini has been in this journey for more than 15yrs. She has been creating, teaching and nurturing the art skills for all age groups. She helps them connect with their thoughts, emotions and dreams to evolve beyond one’s identity. She provides team building, mind mapping activities and art intervention programs for youth, teachers, families and corporates.

She facilitates art based workshops in business management schools, NGOs apart from corporates. She drives Catharsis workshops to bring art to as many people as possible through inspiring and motivating to paint their dreams. Further to attain peacefulness while creating artworks.

Sunitha Kolar is an educator, facilitator, speaker, trainer, and storyteller. She host counselling sessions for parents. She also practices different healing modalities. Her vision is to make this world a happier place. A world where everyone feels loved, accepted, appreciated, understood, hopeful and joyful. A world where we give ourselves more credit than criticism, more grace than judgments.

Her past life experiences has always inspired her to create better life in the present. By looking into herself, her past and constantly learning and changing her patterns and habits. She says her life’s challenges helped her discover her strengths, courage, and vulnerability which helped her realize the magic in her like every other person.

In all the Catharsis workshops she brings her non-judgmental listening skills. Her acceptance and allowance creates safe space for all the participants and that supports them in their journey of transformation.

Together they decided to borrow from their best experiences to create a wholesome programs that provides a platform to introspect through the medium of Art and Mindfulness that help people rapidly learn and adapt life skill to ease out complex challenges in life.