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Catharsis is a place where art does not discriminate; Art for all, All for art. It is something everyone can play with. Here, art is something that is subjective, something that is unique to each individual and something that you are born with.  Catharsis provides workshops that give you a chance to heal and unleash the artist in you. Not only is it therapeutic and fun, but it is also a safe place to let out your inner child shine. 

Catharsis was created with the thought in mind, that art can help us introspect and accept the emotions we feel. The best part of using art as a tool to de-streets is that you get to take a beautiful, personalized masterpiece home!! 

Meet the founder


Ranjini Vikram is a strong believer in the magic of paints, brushes and colours. She also believes that no matter who you are or where you come from you deserve healing and you have art in you. Not only painting but any form of art, from dancing to photography helps you connect with your soul and mind and just makes life a little simpler for a while. Ranjini has helped start and facilitate the journey of art and healing for many for over 15 years now. She helps them get in touch with their hidden thoughts, emotions and dreams and helps awaken a new form of them. 
She encourages creation and creativity all the while learning to be a better version of yourself.

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