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What we offer?

The courses at Catharsis are made to fit you and can be modified to meet your needs. We host workshops for various groups, from corporate settings to small groups of friends. These workshops help with team-building,  stress management and introspection on a personal level.

The workshops at Catharsis are for you to take time off of your busy schedule, enjoy and have fun with the people you adore. The methods and techniques used in our programs have been studied and proven to work. There is no requirement for one to have painting and drawing skills. 

Catharsis Workshops

Catharsis Retreats– Introspect, Connect, Explore and Create!!!

A 2 days and 1-night program filled with Dance and Movements, a listening circle, mind maps/vision boards, guest facilitators and a lot of art. This programme is an escape from our life of monotony towards a healing and calm introspective self-care time.

Catharsis Art Workshop– Introspective Workshop (Gift yourself a day of peace)

Gift yourself a day of Art and Peace
A 1-day workshop lasting for 6-7 hours filled with healing, introspection and colour!! This workshop focuses on your journey through life, helping you make peace with your past and releasing the stress it has caused you. Hosted in a serene place or a studio space, this program focuses on individual experiences and hopes to make you a little more hopeful and artful. 

Mural Workshops – Inhale Possibility Exhale Creativity

Leave a piece of you behind in the art you do - Meraki: is the best way to describe this workshop. Paint the walls of your home or office to better fit and represent you. This art explosion is great as a team-building activity and to get to know your community. 

Paint Parties – Let's Go Play colours!!!

A fun and engaging way to entertain your guests with a ton of paint. Or just a hang out session with old friends, a cup of coffee, some music and chit chat. 

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